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Impressive Selection for any Occasion

Classic Roll

  • $5.95Alaska Roll -Fresh salmon, avocado
  • $4.95California Roll- Crab, avocado
  • $10.95CA Deluxe Roll- California roll, unagi
  • $5.95Hamachi Roll- Yellow tail, avocado
  • $5.95Negihama Roll- Yellow tail, scallion
  • $5.95Tunavo Roll- Tuna, avocado
  • $5.95New York Roll - Shrimp, avocado
  • $6.95Philadelphia Roll- Fresh salmon, cream cheese, avocado
  • $8.95Poki Roll- Spicy tuna roll topped with seaweed salad
  • $5.95Rock'n Roll- Broiled eel, avocado, masago
  • $6.95Shrimp Tempura Roll- Deep fried shrimps, avocado, cucumber, crab
  • $7.95Spicy Scallop Roll
  • $5.95Spicy Tuna Roll
  • $8.95Spider Roll- Whole soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, crab
  • $4.95Tekka Roll- Fresh tuna
  • $10.95Fire cracker Roll- Spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese & Fresh jalapeno
  • $11.95Crunchy Hama Roll- Spicy Hamachi, jalapeno, avocado & tempura flakes
  • $9.95S.L Roll- spicy crab, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried
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Vegeterian Roll

  • $3.95Asparagus Roll
  • $3.95Avocado Roll
  • $7.95Futomaki Roll- Assorted vegetables, cooked eggs
  • $3.95Kappa Roll - Cucumber
  • $3.95Oshinko Roll - Pickled radish
  • $3.95Shitake Roll- Black mushrooms
  • $4.95Vegetable Roll- Assorted vegetables
  • $3.95Yamagobo Roll- Wild carrot
  • $4.95Avocu Roll- Avocado, cucumber
  • $5.95Vege Tempura Roll - Assorted tempura vegetables
  • $5.95Asparagus Tempura Roll- Deep fried asparagus, yamagobo, avocado
  • Side Order

  • $1.50Miso Soup
  • $2.00Steamed Rice
  • $2.00House Salad


    Please let us know 3hours ahead for party tray order (no substitution)
  • $80.00
    8pcs nigiri sushi
    9pcs sashimi- tuna, salmon, yellowtail
    4 rolls - lion king, tempura roll, spider roll, california roll
  • $120.00
    9pcs nigiri sushi
    12pcs sashimi- tuna, salmon, yellowtail
    6 rolls - lion king, dragon roll, hawaiian roll, gozilla roll, california roll, tuna roll
  • $150.00
    12pcs nigiri sushi
    16pcs sashimi- tuna, salmon, yellowtail, halibut
    8 rolls - lion king, dragon roll, hawaiian roll, gozilla roll, orange blossom roll, california roll, tekka roll, alaska roll
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