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  • $3.95Edamame- Lightly Salted boiled green soy beans
  • $9.95Dragon Ball- Spicy tuna stuffed mushroom with ponzu sauce (Deep Fried)
  • $9.95Fresh Oysters- Fresh oysters on half shell (5)
  • $10.95Sashimi (6pcs)- Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi
  • $6.95Gyoza-Deep fried pot stickers
  • $8.95Age-Dashi Tofu - Battered tofu with sauce
  • $10.95Chicken Karrage- Japanese Chicken nugget
  • $7.95Vegetable Tempura- Assortment of battered vegetables
  • $8.95Tempura- Battered prawns & vegetable
  • $9.95Prawn Tempura (4pcs)
  • $9.95Fried Oyster- Breaded oysters
  • $10.95Soft Shell Crab- Breaded, served with ponzu sauce
  • $10.95Calamari Tempura- Deep fried calamari
  • $9.95Baked Mussel (6PCS)- Freshly baked mussel with masago, green onion, house sauce
  • $8.95Tako Yaki- Deep fried octopus balls
  • $6.95Croguette- Deep fried breaded potato salad
  • $10.95Salmon Kama - Lightly salted charbroiled salmon collar
  • $11.95Hamachi Kama - Lightly salted charbroiled Yellowtail collar
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  • $2.00House Salad
  • $4.95Wakame- Seaweed salad
  • $8.95Combination Sunomono- Octopus, shrimp & cucumber with ponzu sauce
  • $11.95Pepper Fin Salad- Seared white tuna, salad, onions, masago, ponzu sauce
  • $11.95Hawaiian poki salad - Chopped tuna, or assorted (tuna, salmon, white fish), salad,
    seaweed salad, onions, masago, with spicy sauce
  • Beverages

  • $2.50Apple, Orange Juice
  • $1.95Soft Drink - Pepsi / Diet Pepsi / Dr. Pepper / Lemonade / Orange Soda /
    Iced Tea / Root Beer
  • Dessert

  • $2.50Green Tea Ice Cream
  • $4.95Tempura Ice Cream- Green tea flavor
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